Welcome to the Mikinak Web site where teachers can learn more about the
realities of First Nations students.

Mikinak was developed for elementary school teachers in Quebec; particularly for non-Aboriginal teachers working with First Nations students in order to help them provide better support for their students by educating these teachers on their students’ cultures, realities and learning styles.

Mikinak is a combination of teaching material and learning activities. The suggested activities explore the realities of First Nations children, and make learning the elementary-level competencies included in the MELS curriculum fun for students.

Included is an inventory of educational resources and documents available in Quebec on the subject of First Nations education. Note that not all documents are available in both French and English. The site is home to reference documents, information on available training, articles and studies conducted by education practitioners, organizations and researchers, several projects and resources related to First Nations education, and lastly, links to other Web sites providing additional information on the subject.

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We hope you will find what you are looking for… happy reading!

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