Studies and articles

Studies and articles

In this section are links to documents and research papers written by education practitioners, organizations and researchers pertaining to First Nations education issues.

Aboriginal Young Children’s Language and Literacy Development : Research Evaluating Progress, Promising Practices,
and Needs

Report by Jessica Ball from the University of Victoria providing data on language and literacy development among Aboriginal preschool children in Canada which was collected from Aboriginal chiefs, parents, Elders, early-childhood educators and speech-language pathologists working with Aboriginal children.

Aboriginal Ways of Learning and Learning Styles
Article written by Paul Hughes and Arthur J. More in 1997 which explores the link between Aboriginal culture and learning styles, the characteristics of learning styles among Aboriginal students and their effect on teaching.

Aboriginal Learning: In-Depth
A series of three articles produced by the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) that explores Aboriginal learning while providing insight into some of the narratives on the subject.

A Study of Educational Cost Drivers to First Nations Education
Study conducted in 2006 for the Joint AFN/INAC/BOFF Working Group on the First Nations education funding formula, its limitations and impact.

Funding Formula for First Nations Schools
Document in which the First Nations Education Council exposes the limitations and problems related to the First Nations education funding formula currently in use.

Literature Review On Current Pratices in First Nation Parents and Community involvement
Analysis conducted by the First Nations Education Council on current strategies and practices used by First Nations communities to encourage parental involvement.

The State of Aboriginal Learning in Canada: A Holistic Approach to Measuring Success
Report published by the Canadian Council on Learning after three years of research on learning among Aboriginals in partnership with specialists, community practitioners and researchers from various organizations.

Takeover Study and Future Visions
Study conducted by the First Nations Education Council which aims to define a vision for the future of First Nations education by analysing various aspects of community control over education.

First Nations Parents Club, A Handbook for Parents
In this guide, Barbara Kavanagh provides an overview of the school system to parents of First Nations children and shows them how to build a positive relationship with the education community and create a healthy learning environment at home.

A First Nations Education Timeline
Produced by the First Nations Education Council as part of its campaign to raise awareness on First Nations education issues this historical background documents the evolution of First Nations education in Quebec.

Integrating Aboriginal Perspectives into Curricula
Resource developed by Manitoba Education and Youth for curriculum developers, teachers and administrators.

The Destiny of Education for First Nations Children – Priority Intervention Areas
A set of solutions suggested by the First Nations Education Council to offset shortcomings in the education system and services offered in First Nations communities.

Paper on First Nations Education Funding
In this position paper released in February 2009, the First Nations Education Council analyses the funding of First Nations education in Canada, particularly in Quebec, as well as its impact on First Nations communities.

Our Children – Keepers of the Sacred Knowledge
This final report of the Minister’s National Working Group on Education presents recommendations for establishing an education system based on Aboriginal knowledge while addressing such issues as infrastructure, language and culture, parental and community involvement, etc.

Redefining how success is measured in First Nations, Inuit and Métis Learning
Report produced by the Canadian Council on Learning highlighting the main characteristics of the holistic lifelong learning approach among Aboriginals. It also suggests three learning models, and shows how each model can be used to develop a framework enabling the assessment of learning.

Sharing Our Success : Promising Practices in Aboriginal Education
Following a study conducted among schools having obtained positive results with Aboriginal students, this report presents promising approaches being implemented in ten communities in Canada.

Improving Education on Reserves: A First Nations Education Authority Act
In response to results revealed on First Nations education by the 2006 census, this article by Michael Mendelson published in July 2008 recommends developing a new legal framework to provide an education system to First Nations equivalent to the one provided to other Canadians.

Learning Styles of American Indian- Alaska Native Students : A review of the literature and implications for practice
Article by Cornel Pewewardy published in the Journal of American Indian Education in 2002 which establishes the link between learning styles among aboriginal children and aboriginal culture while developing a set of recommendations for teachers.

Learning patterns and education of aboriginal children : A review of the literature
Study of the documentation dating from 2004 on learning and the cognitive structures of Aboriginal children as well as on the various teaching techniques that have been adapted for them.

Native Indian Learning styles. A Review for Researchers and Teachers
Article by Arthur J. More published in October 1987 in the Journal of American Indian Education addressing the learning styles of Aboriginal students and the differences between their learning styles and those of non-Aboriginal students.

Our Words, Our Ways: Teaching First Nations, Métis and Inuit Learners
Resource from the Alberta government providing information on Aboriginal culture and perspectives as well as examples of strategies to meet the needs of Aboriginal students and recognize their talents.

Survey Summary Pertaining to Parent and Community engagement in First Nations Schools
Summary of a survey conducted by the First Nations Education Council on parental and community involvement in First Nations schools presented to principals, teachers and educators.