This section lists the resources offered by the various stakeholders in the field of education and suggests activities related to
First Nations.

Cradleborad Teaching Project
This site is home to a teaching project offering lesson plans and curriculum representing a Native North American perspective in various subjects from the elementary to the college level.

(FNEC) Quebec First Nations Permanent Studios
Site developed by the First Nations Education Council offering a collection of documentary films on First Nations cultures, traditions and communities, produced by Aboriginal filmmakers. Educational activities helping teachers explore learning situations with their students are also available on this site.

Aboriginal Canada Portal – Resources for teachers
Government of Canada portal on Aboriginal peoples offering resources for teachers (lesson plans and activities) as well as educational resources. .

Four Directions teachings
Site providing educational activities on Aboriginal oral traditions in particular as well as a resource kit for teachers.

First Nations Garden of the Montréal Bontanical Garden
Site where information on plants and their names in First Nations languages, traditional uses of plants, First Nations culture as well as legends can be found.

Holistic Lifelong Learning Models
Interactive site developed by the Canadian Council on Learning enabling various elements of the First Nations Holistic Lifelong Learning Model to be explored.

McCord Museum – First Nations
Web page containing a collection of 300 images pertaining to the lifestyles, culture, art and traditions of First Nations across Canada. Games, educational activities and video clips also explore these themes.

Sing Move and Read
Album musique comprenant un guide pédagogique, des chansons et des conseils dans le but de favoriser l’acquisition des compétences de lecture par le biais du chant et du mouvement.

Living Traditions
This site from the Canadian Heritage Information Network presents a virtual exhibit on the traditions and the history of games and sports played by Aboriginals in Canada through the Virtual Museum of Canada. The North American Indigenous Games are showcased from their inception to today.

Digital Drum
Site presenting First Nations stories to watch and listen to. Visitors to this site can also create content and record their own video.

Wumpa’s World
Site offering over 25 educational activities to complement interactive games. By clicking on Parents and Teachers adults can access a guide and an index of activities.

A project aiming to revive the Wendat language by creating teaching material and training teachers to pass it on to elementary students and adults interested in learning this language.