A simple click is all it takes to access these Web sites containing pertinent information in the area of First Nations education.

Aboriginal Head Start On Reserve
A program offered by Health Canada which aims to prepare young First Nations children for school by meeting their learning and developmental needs.

Awareness-building Campaign on First Nations Education
Site presenting the First Nations Education Council’s (FNEC) campaign to raise awareness to the underfunding of
First Nations education.

Classroom Resources from AANDC
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada Web site offering interesting facts on Aboriginal languages, history, games, stories, and educational resources.

Canadian Council on Learning
This section of the Canadian Council on Learning’s site contains a series of publications on various themes including learning through Aboriginal language, education systems and the culture of learning among Aboriginal peoples, etc.

Cree School Board
The Cree School Board site offers several educational resources including links on the Cree language, culture and communities.

First Voices
Site of language archives enabling visitors to learn various Aboriginal languages on-line through exercises and games.

First Nations SchoolNet
Site developed by the Saskatchewan Regional Management Organization offering educational resources organized by grade and subject.

The Aboriginal Languages of Quebec
Study on the state of Aboriginal languages in Quebec available in its English version upon request. The history and future outlook of the nine Aboriginal languages present in Quebec:   Abnaki, Algonquian, Attikamek, Cree, Inuktitut, Micmac, Mohawk, Montagnais and Nascapee are analysed in this study.
A list of Quebec’s First Nations community school Web sites drawn up by the FNEC, giving access to the school’s Web site when applicable.

NECHI Training, Research and Health promotions
Site containing publications offering specialized training to addictions counsellors working in Aboriginal communities.

Cree-Innu Linguistic Atlas
Interactive site enabling visitors to hear various expressions pronounced in several Cree and Innu dialects spoken in Canada, in addition to situating the communities on a map.

Turtle Island
Site offering several documents and links about Aboriginal peoples in Canada and around the world, and includes a section on education.

Kativik School Board
The Kativik School Board site presents an educational tool providing learning situations, valuable information and links to other sites where interesting resources for teachers can be found.